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Single Sign On Access is Now Available

Notice to Providers:

Providers who wish to register for the first time to use the Delta Dental of MA portal can
click HERE and follow the simple steps that grant you access to Delta Dental of MA member eligibility, benefits, remaining maximums, dental history, claim status, CEOBs, and more.

Delta Dental of MA is also excited to offer providers "Single Sign On", which grants the ability to use one User ID and Password to access all Delta Dental websites and portals. If you would like Single Sign On access, then simply click HERE and sign in to complete your registration.

If your office has already registered for Single Sign On and you wish to access the main Delta Dental Plans Association portal, then click the following link

Some Benefits of Single Sign On access are:

  • The ability to access out-of-state Delta Dental websites and portals that may offer:
    • Patient Eligibility, Benefits, Maximums, Claim Status, and Payment Information
  • The ability to access the main Delta Dental Website which offers:
    • Patient Eligibility, Benefits, Maximums, Claim Status, and Payment Information
    • "Dentist Deals" on Office Supplies, Shipping, Cellular Phone Plans, etc.
    • Central Access to Direct Deposit Payment Information/Electronic Remittance Advice from All Participating Delta Dentals

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